Industries we are working with

Manufacturing and Distribution

With concerns of scalability, spikes in demand and staying lean, expert attention can help keep costs low, without compromise.


Media & Publishing

“An idea is only as good as who it reaches and what they can do with it”. Effective leveraging of social and corporate media channels has helped pave the way for our companies to reach larger audiences.

Telecom and Gaming

Mobile Gaming carries with it it’s own set of challenges and being properly equipped for it can make the difference between making a hit or miss.

Energy and Utilities

Smart-metering and IOT measurement platforms help keep costs down and give our users new ways to keep watch on their processes.



HIPAA-compliant software development and Security-first design helps keep those who need the most safe.


Insurance, Finance and Banking

Putting the ‘Tech’ in Fintech for years has given us our fair share of experience regarding how quick, reliable changes are what drives growth.

Life Sciences

Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence have allowed us to leverage cutting-edge technology to aid doctors and push medical care to new heights.


Hands on experience, technical and marketing skills and proven experience help set us apart from our competitors. From IC to SOC now, we’ve built our commercial experience up.